What is Disposable Mail? How to use?

What is Disposable Mail? How to use?
Published in : 08 Apr 2023

What is Disposable Mail? How to use?

One of the things we fear the most on the Internet is that our e-mail address falls into the hands of malicious websites. These sites usually send e-mails to their e-mail addresses or give this advertisement service to other sites in exchange for money. In other words, advertisements are sent to your address without your consent. Of course, there is a way to stop this, you can put the sent address in spam and no mail will come from that address again, but what if your address has been sold to more than one site or company? Then you will have to encounter these advertising mails all the time, and you are afraid to change your address since it is the address you use for all your friends.

So, how does your address get into the hands of those people?
Now let's come to the place where the problem started, that is, when we handed our e-mail address into the hands of malicious advertisers! Forum sites, which were once very popular, are now at the center of this business, but their number is decreasing as large sites but their influence is increasing. You need to have an e-mail address to register on forum sites, and the famous activation link is designed to verify this e-mail address, that is, for you to be verified.

Although some websites say that they will send an activation link, they can confirm your membership directly without sending an activation e-mail in order not to tire the mail server. But you have already given the e-mail address you used while registering, in case you will receive an activation e-mail!

The e-mail addresses given while registering on the site accumulate and become a mailing list with the e-mail addresses of people who are interested in a particular subject. This is undoubtedly a great value for companies; Of course, vigilant forum administrators do not hesitate to turn this value into money. We can visualize this event with the following illustration.

Now let's see how we break this chain. We need an e-mail address that we will use in the registration process, it doesn't matter what the extension is because we will only use it for registration.

There are many websites that provide this service, so let's choose one and explain, mailinator is one of them.

Using Disposable Mail
1. We go to the Mailinator site and write a word we want where it says Check Your Inbox and press go. This word will create your e-mail address, you will have an address in the form of [email protected].
2. Then, while registering this e-mail as you want, on forum sites etc. you can use.
3. To read the mails sent to your mail, we go to the Mailinator address again and write the word we wrote before where it says Check Your Inbox and press go. It's that simple.