What is E-Mail?

What is E-Mail?
Published in : 08 Apr 2023

What is E-Mail?

E-mail is the abbreviation of the English expression electronic mail and its Turkish equivalent is e-mail (electronic mail). It is the name given to the process of receiving, sending and storing a message on a network to which computers are connected in electronic media (mainly computers, tablets, smart phones).

What is E-mail (E-mail)? Thanks to e-mail, we have the opportunity to send and share countless messages. It even provides the opportunity to make significant correspondence between companies and their customers.

So why e-mail? The answer is that it is easy and fast for us. E-mail is a communication tool that is available all over the world and can be accessed free of charge from anywhere with internet.

So how does this e-mail go? Where does it go? The process is very simple… First, you open your e-mail address from an e-mail provider. For example, an account is opened for you on Yahoo's servers and your information is stored. Now you wrote an e-mail and a friend's e-mail address in the recipient part, said send and left. Where did it go ? On your friend's computer? Of course not. Everything you send or write matches the information of the person whose information is stored on the other side, just as we are registered, in the other system, and your message is transmitted in this way.

The basic operation is like this. For you, my readers, I have conveyed it in the most understandable way for everyone, young and old.
In another article, I will explain at which station the e-mail gets off and which station it goes to, I wish you good research.
Stay well.