What is ransomware. The differences between ransomware and viruses and how to protect yourself from ransomware

What is ransomware. The differences between ransomware and viruses and how to protect yourself from ransomware
Published in : 08 Apr 2023

What is ransomware. The differences between ransomware and viruses and how to protect yourself from ransomware

As technology actively develops, intruders use ever more sophisticated methods of stealing our money. We often get short messages to the mail or mobile device with links to some photos or programs that may "interest us", but, in fact, are viruses that get control over our mobile device or PC.

For example, you can post an advertisement on some ads platform about selling some product. A few hours later you get an SMS with an offer to exchange your good to another product with a link on the photos of this product. In fact, if you open this link on Android device, you download a special software, which transfers all your money to intruder’s account.

Another popular attack method is sending mail messages with link and text, which stimulates user to open this link. For example, intruder can offer you good job and you need to fill out a form by clicking on the link. As a result, your computer or mobile device will be infected with a trojan or a so-called "keylogger" that reads information from your hard drive, and records the keystrokes, and forwards all these data to the attacker. As a result of the analysis of the information received, the attacker will be able to determine your personal passwords and use them to steal money or personal information.

What is ransomware?
Ransomware is a fundamentally new way of earning money for intruders, which is based on human psychology. In this case, when you click on a link, your device is blocked, and you see the message like this: “You need to transfer 100$ in order to restore access to the device and prevent data loss. ”

Typically, when you open such link, special program code modifies registry or autorun files, and the user sees this message. Thus, even if you transfer money to intruder, nothing will change, and you still won’t get access to your device.

Nevertheless, there are more serious versions of ransomware, when you can lose all the information from your device. It should be noted, that in this case malware does not make any backups, so your information will be lost forever and no one can return it remotely.

Thus, it is necessary to use antivirus or special scripts to restore your system. In any case, don’t transfer money to intruders!

How to protect
First, it is necessary to keep the antivirus database up-to-date. In most cases, antivirus systems successfully prevent infection of the operating system.

Secondly, periodically back up your data. Use a removable external hard drive or cloud services to do this. If you lose your data from your device, you can always restore it without any problems.

Well, most importantly - be vigilant. According to statistics, in most cases malware infects computer or a mobile device when opening an attachment to a letter in your postbox, for example when opening an attached picture. Never open attachments to messages received from unknown recipients. The best way to protect against such messages is to use temporary mailboxes to hide your presence in web and filter out the most suspicious messages. According to statistics, temporary mailboxes are least susceptible to attacks of this kind, since their life span is limited.

Don’t open mails from unknown persons and never open attachments to such mails.

If your device has been blocked, never send money to intruder, since your device won’t be unlocked. To solve the problem, use antivirus or special scripts.

Use disposable mail because it allows you to protect yourself from mails with attached malware.

Why should you have a Temporary Email Address?
You've probably noticed that sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix provide limited-time trials, but if you're still desperate to use these services, all you need is a temporary email account. After the trial period expires, you can technically continue your trial usage by using a different email address linked to your original (genuine).
Online Retailers ask you to enter your email address before you can even try their services. It doesn't matter if you later use their services or not, you are bombarded with spammy promotional emails and events that you get tired of. That is not the case anymore, thanks to the services like temporary email address. Now you can simply sign up anywhere you want and forget about spam.

The common misconception associated with a temporary email address is that it is used only by black hat hackers and underworld internet, but there are many convincing reasons to us fake email services.

If you are looking for more legitimate reasons to use a disposable email address here are a few more reasons:

Keep Personal Information Private: If you don't want to give your personal information to some website, you DO need temporary email address. If the website gets hacked, your real email address won’t get stolen.

Sign-Up For Store Loyalty Cards: We all know that once you sign up for a store's loyalty card they would just fill up your inbox with promotional offers and sales. If you want to avoid it, temporary email is the way to go.

Test Your Apps: So you just finished coding your app? And now you need to test it before release. You can simply create as many temporary email addresses you want and use them to login to your app for testing purposes.

Sign-Up For Double Account With A Web App: You need another IFTTT account to program a second Twitter account run for your marketing site. To avoid managing a new email inbox, you can open a new temporary email address at tempitmail.com.

Get rid of spam: If you surf a lot of new forums and group discussion sies on the internet, you need to have a temporary email address to preventt spam in your personal inbox. Think yourself, what is easier? deleting all the spammy emails from your personal email's inbox or using a temp mail and forgetting about the spam forever?

Features of a Good Temp Mail service:
Before using a temp mail service you must check that a temp mal service provider:

Must not ask for any personal information of the user.
Temp mail should be easily created with a click or two.
Offers temporary storage of emails (temporal email inbox at user’s disposal).
Must provide random email address everytime you use it.
Should have a sleek and simple design to facilitate the user.
Luckily, here at tempitmail.com we have all the above mentioned features and many more for you to discover!

Use tempitmail.com to set up a disposable mail address system that will ensure that, while you participate in online wikis, chat rooms, file-sharing services, and message-board forums, neither your real identity nor your email address are ever revealed or sold to anyone.

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